About Planet-M

The Media Literacy Association “Planet-M” supports the development of the young generation by implementing activities in the field of education, art, culture, as well as human (children’s) rights and active involvement of young people in all segments of their growth and development in civil society.


The mission of the Association for Media Literacy “Planet-M” is to promote media literacy, education, culture, critical thinking, tolerance, law and democracy and to develop them through formal and informal educational processes and activities and involvement of youth in them. In order to accomplish the mission, the association designs, develops and implements creative projects and workshops that promote non-formal education and culture in modern society for wider educational, cultural, economic and social development, to help young people realize their full potential. Through informal education in various segments, Planet-M educates and supports young people on their growth, maturation as well as achieving equality and harmony by gender, social, religious, ethnic, sexual orientation or any other basis, thus reducing discrimination, bullying and youth violence in general.

The main tool for motivating and involving young people is the film, mostly through the International Youth Film Festival “Giffoni Macedonia”, which is a branch of the world’s leading festival for children and youth “Giffoni Experience” from Italy, and through its itinerant version held few times a year in smaller cities called “Giffoni on Tour”. Film screenings are used to motivate young people to open a debate on topics that affect their generation. International cooperation and involvement of young people from our country in various international projects are other important segments of the activities.